Killer Anti-fraud Solutions

  • Real-Time Bot Threat Detection
  • Protect your landing pages
  • Instantly improve ROI and lead quality
  • Reduce IP fraud
  • Powerful filtering platform

What can LeadCloak do for you?

Traffic Filtering


Improve Your Lead Quality Within 3 Days. LeadCloak provides a link protection service to online marketers. We help you improve your lead quality and reduce fraud. LeadCloak is updated hourly with information on bot IPs, fingerprints and so forth to stay one step ahead of the game.

Location Filters


LeadCloak is equipped with accurate geolocation databases so you can target your campaigns with precision.

Fraud Prevention


Our systems are designed to identify and block visitors that do not have a real human touch, which includes, but, is not only limited to bots, crawlers, manual reviewers, and so on. We also identify IPs that belong to virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, content delivery networks, data centers, web hosting IPs, and lots of unnatural visitors.

Offers Rotation


LeadCloak offers a built-in URL rotation features that allow you to easily A/B split-test your web pages. You can match your traffic target locations to distinct landers, and match traffic sent from different devices to your web pages as well.

How is LeadCloak different from other filtering tools?

Powerful Features

LeadCloak boasts features combined from all filtering platforms currently out there in the market with a very reasonable pricing structure.

Powerful SaaS solution

Hello, Cloud! We run on an infrastrucure that delivers faster response times.

Backed by an OG

LeadCloak is founded by an OG with a Computer Science background.


We take pride in our software, and we like to stand behind our products with a stellar support.

Zero Technical Skills Needed!

LeadCloak has an easy-to-use interface. You do not need any technical skills to get up-to-speed, and to use LeadCloak.

Invisible Visitor Checks

LeadCloak performs various checks behind-the-scenes. Your visitors won't know what tests are being performed to test them.

Pre-Configured Universal Databases

Use one of many LeadCloak's databases that are constantly updated to block certain visitors.

Super Fast Checks

Our blazing fast infrastructure performs the evaluations within milliseconds that maximizes visitor retention and low bounce-rates!

Build Custom Blacklists

Utilize our user interface to see unwanted traffic, collect information on them, and then permanently exclude them out of all of your incoming traffic!

Upload Your Own Blacklists

Already know which visitors that you would like to block? Upload your lists and begin blacklisting them immediately!

Paid Databases for Accuracy

LeadCloak utilizes paid databases to optimize accuracy when discovering information like the geographical location of your customers.

"Denial Reason" Breakdown

Total transparency. Learn just how many people are being blocked and why.

Massive Capacity & Redundancy

We can process up to a billion visitors every day! Our system along with the network is also completely redundant to reduce downtime in the event of outages.


We support traffic coming in from Desktops & Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones with Small Screen, SmartPhones, iOS, Console, EReader, MediaHub, SmartWatch, and TV. We also support device specific APIs for hardware detection.
We strive to serve a response in less than 100msec with a standard set of simple filters. The more filters you add for fine tuning your visitors, the more time it takes for your users to see a completely rendered web page.
Certainly! Real-time reporting is considered fundamental to a cloaker and a tracker. Our powerful database clusters allow you to view your traffic details in real-time. Additionally, you can view your campaigns' statistics, and download .csv reports. All in real-time.
Yes, we support native IPv4 and IPv6.
Yes, and you can also configure dynamic parameters passing with LeadCloak.
LeadCloak is updated once every 30 minutes. We release periodic updates to keep your defenses powerful. As our client, you won't have to shell out extra for upgrades.
Cloaking requies hand-on interaction, and hence we need personally prefer that attention be given to all clients. We offer live support via Skype (email is also an option, though we prefer chatting), and in some cases advising via TeamViewer.
While we are niche-agnostic, we do have some exceptions and that includes prohibited niches that promote hacking, malware, illegal medication/acts, phishing, scams etc.

We absolutely do not allow deceptive COVID-19 ads to run. Your account will be terminated if you are found running fake news or COVID-19 ads.
All prospects are requested to apply for an account by signing up on the 'Sign Up' page. We'll go through your application, and approve your account. When approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Once you login, and make the payment, you will get access to our system.

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