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  • Services to Prevent Click Fraud & Protection for Your Websites & Links

Last year, ad fraud like bot traffic, click farms, and competitors clicking on your ads expended nearly $42 billion in ad spending. Moreover, spy tools stole your marketing tactics and strategies, and made them readily available to your potential competitors who are now stalking every move you make. According to an estimate, more than 50% of traffic on the internet consists of bots. This makes it clear that bots are present almost everywhere, including all virtual platforms.

Bots formed nearly 40% of the total traffic on the internet and they are becoming smarter. Use the LeadCloak’s automated tools for fraud prevention to protect your campaigns. Our complete range of automated fraud prevention tools automates the process of quality control. Without interrupting the user experience, these tools prevent unwelcomed website visitors from frequenting on your website.

LeadCloak helps eliminate fake users, abusive bots, chargeback, affiliate & advertising, proxies and bots, fake click, credit card, application, VPN & TOR Fraud with our Easy-to-Use Tools & APIs.

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100% Genuine Engagements

No more drainage of your ad spending due to bots, competitor's links, or click farms. Easily prevent fraud with greater profits and enjoy peace of mind.

Boost Real Traffic and Conversions

Run ad campaigns that real people see. With LeadCloak, you can analyze people's behavior in real-time to identify those who are a risk to your application, API, and website.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

With more of your budget attracting real people, you gain actual visibility, can confidently extend your advertising campaign scope, save costs, and accelerate business growth.

Robust Solutions for Fraud Prevention, IP Filtration, and Tracking

The Most Effective, Precise, and Cost-Effective Tools to Fight Fraud

Get access to the most accurate fraud detection tools that take only minutes to integrate with any service. Quickly filter fraud users and fraudulent activities in real-time to protect your business. Make adjustments with customizable settings, rules, features, behavior, and scoring choices. Harness the benefits of the most accurate and robust anti-bit tool for fraud prevention customized to your business needs. Our smart algorithm utilizes AI and many other technologies to give you precise fraud detection and IP filtration rates in the industry. Our solutions block high-risk users, activities and transactions for a variety of sectors, offering a perfect solution for preventing abuse and eradicate fraud.

Boost the growth of your business without any hindrances from troublemakers. Confidently grow your users using the most accurate and optimized tools for fraud prevention. You can use these tools for any market or country.

No More Fraud!

Stop Fraudulent Users and Control Malicious Behavior Permanently

Bot Detection
Click Fraud Protection
Proxies & VPNs
Account Takeover (ATO)
Ecommerce Fraud
User & Account Validation
Affiliate & Ad Fraud
Detect Mobile App Install Fraud

Mitigate Bad Bots - Our website firewall blocks unwanted traffic, providing protection to your website. Automate Fraud Prevention and Quality Control of Your Website

Enjoy Fool-Proof Fraud Prevention

Many individuals and businesses trust fraud prevention solutions from LeadCloak. This enables us to deliver enterprise-level quality and accuracy at highly affordable prices. Our adaptive tools are designed to resolve complicated issues across a variety of industries and audiences. With quick and easy integration, it takes less than 5 minutes to deploy.

Permanently stop artificial and fraudulent users, bot invasions, click fraud, chargebacks and various kinds of abuses across any country or industry. Advanced fraud scoring quickly detects bots, fraudulent users, and high-risk behaviors compared to any other solution available. Utilize the Leading Unwanted Users Blacklist present on the internet!

Fraud Prevention, Website Traffic Monitoring and Tracking
  • Minimizes fraud on your e-commerce websites significantly
  • Easily and quickly detect abusive and fake users, artificial clicks, and suspicious activities and transactions
  • Get protection from automated hacking attempts like SQLi attacks of brute force, XSS, scanning of applications, and many others
  • Stop website content scrapping by bots or website spamming
  • Serve the content of your website to real traffic and users
  • Get protection from people or trolls who try to bypass website restrictions
  • Restrict access to your system to prevent hijacking
  • Make our service even better by taking our additional tools for fraud prevention. Some services may not provide an explicit search for bad IPs, proxy or VPN to prevent fraud.
Proxy VPN Detection and IP Filtering
  • Block proxies, bots, VPNs, Tor and other low-grade IP addresses that may lead to abuse
  • Identify primary residential as well as mobile networks for proxy
  • Targeting and matching of GeoLocations
  • Upload and manage both white and blacklist rules
  • Use wild card or notations of CIDR to get white and blacklist IP addresses
  • Flexible restrictions on quality control and data restrictions to meet your needs
  • Power analysis and reporting which gives you comprehensive reports and insights
  • Easily detect mobile app installation fraud
  • Detection of the device time zone
  • WebRTC IP for leak detection
  • No requirement of downloading, installing or upgrading databases on a server
Protection of Website and Links with Click Fraud Prevention Services
  • Whether spy tools or competitors or fraudulent visitors, easily block unwanted website traffic without affecting user experience
  • Protect your website from thief crawlers that rob your content
  • Reduce counterfeit clicks, users, views and activities that lead to a click and view fraud
  • Detect mobile spoofing as well as device emulators
  • Detect user response
  • Prevent multiple sign-ins, promotional offers and affiliate abuse by users
  • Customize protection level for a specific period and make adjustments accordingly (DayParting for PPC ad campaigns/ Scheduling of ads)
  • Only allow those visitors who match with specific browser headers and settings
  • Customize web pages on the basis of query strings
  • Protector for landing page
  • Service for easy API search

What is Cloaking?

Cloaking is a display of the different types of content to both real and unwanted visitors, enabling you to distinguish between real people and fake users. LeadCloak provides you with user-friendly cloud-based solutions for cloaking incoming traffic on your website, including affiliate ad campaigns, and protect your web pages from 'Bad Traffic.' It means;

  • Spying services that your competitors use to rob your content
  • Click Fraud
  • Policy teams and moderators from different networks (such as CPA, affiliates, etc.) who steal your campaigns
  • Bots that stuff credentials
  • Content scrapers
  • Bots from antivirus solution providers
  • And many others!

Who uses this Service?

  • Advertisers, Ad Networks, Affiliate Marketers, & Affiliate Programs
  • Online Retailers - Online Sales, E-commerce, & Sign Ups
  • Payment Processors, Merchants, & Financial Institutions
  • Lead Generation & Transactional Processing
  • Dating Networks, Social Platforms, & User Driven Content
  • Travel, Booking, Rental, & Ticketing Services
  • SaaS Service Providers
  • Fraud Monitoring, Compliance, & Security Systems
  • ... and any site with users or transactions

Note: Our systems are not designed to breach or circumvent policies of non-nefarious networks such as ad networks. Please refer to our Terms of Service section 11.11 for more info.

Cloak and Optimize Traffic with Tools from LeadCloak

Being a website owner, it is your right to protect your website pages and ensure that only real targeted visitors reach it. Similarly, encryption, VPNs, and firewalls are meant to provide privacy or prevent data comprehension during transmission. With LeadCloak, you can accomplish these goals, quickly and efficiently.


Geotargeting refers to a method in geomarketing which determines website visitors' geolocation and delivers content to the website visitors according to their location.

  • Localization of content: webmasters use it to provide local web content to a worldwide domain.
  • Copyright owners, as well as delivery networks, use it to restrict streaming according to the geographical information.
  • To run pay per click (PPC) ads for users only in a particular area or region.
  • For display advertisements in which banners and multimedia ads are displayed to the users based on their location.
  • Correlation of connection and data speed to IP address to provide tailored content.
  • Online real-time analytics
  • Enhanced performance of networks gives better targeting of customers to advertisers.
  • Fraud prevention helps in the identification of suspicious online transactions.
  • City advertising means advertising on websites that have plenty of cities related content.
  • Content according to local time by using IP of geolocation.
  • Website personalization in which the content of the website is modified according to the visitor's location.
  • One-to-one/household IP targeting allows the display of ads to particular individuals, homes or buildings.
  • Modifying IPs for ad verification or content compliance.
Device Detection

The device detection technique is used for the identification of devices that access online content. It allows delivery of better user experience through device detection

  • Enhanced user experience: Give the best experience to your users while they are accessing websites through different devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops or TVs.
  • Improve business growth: Maximize your business revenue by knowing about the devices your users are using to visit your website. This allows you to present targeted and optimized content.
  • Efficient development: Web developers can perform various actions, such as providing mobile formatted website instead of the desktop site, changing the style sheets for adoption to device's specifications, modifying the content nature and amount to suit the capabilities of a particular device, helping adapt images to small or large screen sizes, applying progressive enhancements to improve functionality, reducing or increasing font sizes and other features according to a device.
  • Improved analysis: Improve the capabilities of your website analysis tools with enhanced website activity understanding.
  • Easy and quick deployment: due to simple implementation, it enhances the productivity of developers, decreases testing time and eventually gives better market uptime.
Landing Page Testing

Also called A/B testing, it is a technique used to compare two different web page or app versions against each other. It helps in determining the better performer. Through this, you can optimize the conversion funnel of your website.

It is a kind of experimentation in which you show two or more versions of a web page to the visitors. This helps to determine which one is performing better than the other in boosting conversion.

Generally, the page version, which receives more traffic and improves conversions, is selected for the site.

After running web page variants for a particular period (typically seven days) with enough traffic volume, you can analyze and compare how changes in the single or more page elements affect your website results.

  • Resolve pain points of visitors
  • Improve your ROI even from your existing website traffic
  • Achieve significant statistical improvements
  • Decrease your website’s bounce rate
  • Make modifications in website pages that are low-risk
  • Profitable redesigning of your website pages

Explore How Our Bot Manager Can Help You Protect Your Websites from Potentially Harmful Bot Traffic

Click Farms are a booming industry in many parts of the world, which enables people to sell their goods and services overseas by increasing bot traffic, fake reviews, and clicks. This video shows one of the click farms where people come and pay to get overseas traffic and clicks on their videos or websites. These farms have hundreds of thousands of smartphones, which they use to conduct click fraud. They provide fake traffic, reviews, and ratings to the products and services, and are difficult to detect.

With LeadCloak, you can easily differentiate between a bot and real human traffic on your website as well as mobile apps. Our real-time future-driven bot prevention technology enables intelligent filtering of bot traffic with maximum accuracy.

A Big Chunk of Website Traffic Is Bad Bots

Imperva published a research study that found that nearly a quarter of all website traffic in 2019 was from bad bots. To do this research, Imperva gathered data from its global network. The company included bad bot requests in billions from thousands of anonymous domains.

Bad Bots create a host of issues, including the scrapping of content and price, account takeover, spam content creation, and spamming across various messaging platforms and dating websites.

According to Imperva’s recent 2020 report edition about ‘Bad Bot,' during 2019, the bad bot traffic was at its peak, making 24.1% of all web traffic. Nearly 37.2% of the entire online traffic comprised bad bots.

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Industries That Face Bot Threats

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We support traffic coming in from Desktops & Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones with Small Screen, SmartPhones, iOS, Console, EReader, MediaHub, SmartWatch, and TV. We also support device specific APIs for hardware detection.
We strive to serve a response in less than 100msec with a standard set of simple filters. The more filters you add for fine tuning your visitors, the more time it takes for your users to see a completely rendered web page.
Certainly! Real-time reporting is considered fundamental to a cloaker and a tracker. Our powerful database clusters allow you to view your traffic details in real-time. Additionally, you can view your campaigns' statistics, and download .csv reports. All in real-time.
Yes, we support native IPv4 and IPv6.
Yes, and you can also configure dynamic parameters passing with LeadCloak.
LeadCloak is updated once every 30 minutes. We release periodic updates to keep your defenses powerful. As our client, you won't have to shell out extra for upgrades.
Cloaking requies hand-on interaction, and hence we need personally prefer that attention be given to all clients. We offer live support via Telegram (email is also an option, though we prefer chatting), and in some cases advising via TeamViewer.
While we are niche-agnostic, we do have some exceptions and that includes prohibited niches that promote hacking, malware, illegal medication/acts, phishing, scams etc.

For further information, please see Section 11.11 of our Terms of Service.

We absolutely do not allow deceptive COVID-19 ads to run. Your account will be terminated if you are found running fake news or COVID-19 ads.
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