LeadCloak has one key premise - to grant website operators to customize user experiences and block undesirable site visitors - be it bots, competitors, exposure tools, or perpetrating users.  

Website owners have the right to ensure that their website pages are protected and targeted at a specific audience - the same way VPN and firewall services ensure user security, anonymity, and privacy while using a site online. With LeadCloak, you can accomplish these goals, quickly and efficiently. As a website owner, you can now manage your page visitors and restrict users based on location and/or the tech device used to research your website.

Sites such as iPlayer, Disney+, Netflix, HBO, and others have already filtered their visitors and now enable only certain visitors from specific countries to access their feed content.  

To make this happen, providers block a variety of VPN tools, thus limiting the number of undesired visitors on their site. Apart from this method of blocking, website owners should also enjoy the privilege of customizing their user experience based on geolocation, device type, and conducting multifaceted A/B testing.

  • Geolocation filtering ensures site owners provide users with the right kind of content.
  • Device detection enables them to serve an adequate content format, whereas Landing Page testing allows experimentation in determining the best conversion pages, all the while forbidding undesired visitors access.  
  • Best of all, LeadCloak is completely legal and facilitates website operators in achieving all aforementioned goals.

With Easy-to-Use Tools and API, LeadCloak additionally aids in removing fake users, harmful bots, advertising hacks, chargebacks, proxies, fake clicks, as well as any credit card, application, VPN, or TOR fraud.


Proxy Detection API Service

Fraudsters online use various techniques to mask their online visibility and identity- basically through hiding their IP addresses using proxies, TOR nodes & VPN servers.

As a leading service, LeadCloak‘s in-built proxy detection can prevent fraudulent visitors from using fake IP addresses, accessing relevant site pages, or worse- credit card fraud & chargebacks, counterfeited profiles, fake advertising clicks, evading country-targeted filters, and even scraping essential site content.

Users logging or registering anonymously, through proxies or VPNs, tend to create multiple fake accounts, engage in spam content, messaging & listings, abuse illegally obtained credit cards, or implement high-risk behavior measures.

LeadCloak Proxy Detection API is the most refined online tool to target false or malicious IP addresses. You can assign IP reputation scores to users, including open-proxy IP addresses, anonymous proxies, TOR nodes, VPNs, hosting operators, spam, malware and spyware, bots, residential proxies, and remaining threats to the site that might impair its efficiency and performance.

Make the most of LeadCloak’s advanced proxy detection and IP address reputation scoring service. Its leading detection rates for residential proxies and affected devices are second to none and highly effective in dealing with advanced cybercriminals and scammers online.


Powerful IP Filter / Website Firewall

IP filters enable site owners to control the level of IP traffic granting users access to your website. You can use these filters to control the number and timeframe of all blocked IPs.

Whitelist, blacklist IPv4, and IPv6 IPs refer to all types of source clicks.

Additionally, these filters support CIDR notation, wildcard IPs, whitelisting, and blacklisting, all through using ASN/ISP/ORG/Carrier names, as well as WebRTC-based IP to detect leaks.


User Response Detection

A key feature of LeadCloak is its User Response Detection module.

The tool allows human access only while blocking device access.

The User Response Detection Module is the latest advanced cloaking service that demands a human response before making a request to LeadCloak’s Cloaker API.

The response can vary- from the move of a mouse to screen touching on smartphones- all in a predetermined sequence of several seconds.

As a sophisticated cloaking option, this module is super-efficient in spy tools such as AdPlexity, BoxOfAds, WhatRunsWhere, and similar no-ad tools including GeoEdge, RiskIQ, TheMediaTrust, and others - all of which use real devices, real locations, and real IPs to scan and evaluate your URL.


Timezone Detection

LeadCloak’s Timezone Detection tool uses the real user computer time zone to verify the existing time zones and locations for your targeted campaigns.

Keep in mind that the Timezone detection algorithm doesn’t calculate based on a user IP, which can prove inaccurate and prone to manipulation through the use of proxies.

Instead, the feature relies on the real user time zone, as provided in their computer operating system.

Needless to say, Timezone Detection is a proficient location targeting tool that swiftly detects visitors using proxies or VPNs - all without having to resolve the IP issue.


IP Intelligence Score

The ‘IP Score’ feature is an advanced Proxy Detection system built to detect all kinds of proxies - from open, public, and private to transparent, SOCKS, residential, and others.

 This efficient module enables a real-time fraud score analyzing the likeliness of fraudulent behavior on your website.

Trust this refined option to drastically boost the security of your campaigns and block suspicious users of traffic, in real-time and with outstanding accuracy.


Users Tagging

Tagging users while using cookies is a simple and efficient process.

This advanced tool enables site owners to either tag real users, harmful users, or both - all through sending a unique cookie to their browser.

This way, the next time perpetrators visit your website, they will be redirected or instantly blocked from using your site. The process is faster than any other and doesn’t even require re-evaluating a potential threat.

Feel free to also use default cookies, available for one month.


URL Rotation / A/B Split Testing

Driving traffic to landing pages or related offers, it is of key importance you split-test your URLs, not just your ads.

LeadCloak helps you with it, while also supporting the rotation of URLs, allowing you to define the percentage of traffic delivered to each URL defined in your account, whilst also defining different location-based URLs.

For instance, a website owner can send 50% of their traffic to URL 1, while delivering the rest to URL 2.


Landing Page Protection / VisitorCap

The Landing Page Protection service helps block visitors who directly accessed your Landing Page. At the same time, this option will allow access to users who first visited your Bot Site.

This supreme technique creates a special hashed token, or cookie value featuring encrypted user data, and passes it all through your Landing Page.

In turn, your Landing Page will estimate the Bot Site user data and enable blocking of these users in accordance with the validity and precision of the data available.

You can use this feature to block competitors, online identity and vision scammers, progressive ad-spy tools, inefficient reviewers, and other suspicious site activities.


Traffic Scheduling

With a Traffic Scheduling service, you can now schedule your cloaking campaigns based on a certain time zone, day of the week, and even a precise hour and minute.

This advanced option is superb if you care to cloak traffic on particular predefined schedules.

Even if you send traffic off-schedule, the feature will still help you block your site from automatically indulging a bot or end-user, thus preserving your site campaigns even without requiring a physical PC presence.

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