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Use Case 4: Block Fake Views & Clicks from Click Farms

Click farms are a form of click fraud in which a bigger group of low-paid workers click on paid ad links for the click fraudster, known as click farm farmer, or click master. Click farmers click the link, explore the target website for some time, and potentially sign up for a newsletter before moving on to clicking on another link. These hired workers click on a determined number of ads daily, which can drastically boost their revenue or pose an alternative for other lines of work. Automated filters find it challenging to detect such simulated traffic and label it as fake as the visitor behavior mimics the one of an actual legitimate visitor.

Dangerous bots interact with apps exactly like a legitimate user does, which makes them harder to unveil and prevent. These initiate high-speed abuse, attacks, and website, mobile apps, and APIs misuse. Moreover, they allow bot workers, attackers, unsavory competitors, and fraudsters to engage in a range of malicious activities. Such can vary - from web scraping, competitive data mining, brute-force login, personal or financial data harvesting, digital ad and transaction fraud, spam, and else.

Click farm encourage likes are both fake and different from bot clicks, which use computer software programs created by related experts.

A number of businesses sell fake likes on platforms such as FB and IG, which may potentially indicate ad fraud on their sites. If businesses are selling fake likes, then click farms abusing the platform exist as well.

In 2017, Thailand discovered a major click farm containing hundreds of mobile phones and hundreds of thousands of SIM cards sold to boost both likes and views on WeChat.

With LeadCloak, you can distinguish bots from real human traffic, on your mobile apps and your website. Our contemporary and real-time bot prevention tools enable intelligent bot traffic filtering supported by maximum accuracy.

You can see what a Click Farm looks like below.

LeadCloak detects and exposes all fraudulent IPs used by Click Farms.

Take a Click Farm video tour below, or watch the video via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsCJU9djdIc

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