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Use Case 6: Click Fraud Prevention

Preventing click fraud is the finest solution for both marketers and advertisers.

Running a marketing campaign online, especially if Pay Per Click oriented – through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads – means you are bound to experience invalid clicks feeding on your total spending. The most common click fraud includes bots and users purposefully clicking PPC ads, thus earning more revenue for the site displaying these ads. It also includes intentional budget consumption thus preventing competitors from interacting with actual customers. Both are examples of methods used to produce invalid traffic.

Click fraud takes billions of dollars from advertisers annually.

Wasted budgets are the result of active bots, automated scripts, malware, and remaining fraudulent clicks methods. In 2019, ad fraud has witnessed a mass rise across mobile apps and desktop devices.

The motion is a result of fraudsters boosting their illicit craft in bypassing established click fraud prevention tactics. The most ominous fraudsters today use designed software that randomizes device profiles, thus making it seem they are clicking from a unique human-used device and IP address.

LeadCloak allows you to protect your website ads budget by incorporating precise fraud protection, designed to detect the sneakiest of bots with great accuracy and no false-positives.

Block Fraudulent PPC Clicks

Fake PPC clicks from either bots or fakers can negatively impact your rich ad budget. Countless bidding platforms have limited ad fraud detection tools, if any, so advertisers have to rely on third-party providers, such as LeadCloak.

LeadCloak enables quality scoring that helps identify negative ROI traffic sources, whilst filtering intentional clicks achieved through fraudulent tactics. IP address blacklists also limit unfavorable campaign targeting.

Our solutions provide extensive analysis of your site ad impressions, with ad networks refunding your fraudulent PPC traffic monthly.

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