LeadCloak Use Cases

Use Case 7: Block Proxies & Detect Proxy Traffic in Real-Time

LeadCloak's anti-fraud technology allows you to stop proxies and suspicious IP addresses from draining your ad budget.

LeadCloak's IP Reputation Intelligence tools permit real-time proxy detection that blocks low-quality and high-risk connections used for online abuse, like proxies, VPNs, and TOR connections.

Blocking proxies can deter fraud from harming your business. These also accelerate time-consuming tasks like manual account and transactions reviewing in terms of chargeback fraud; click fraud; user's SPAM content, duplicate and fraudulent accounts, and additional abusive actions.

Have you experienced online site abuse?

Chances are, the attack was conducted with the use of proxies.

LeadCloak aims to deliver the most precise proxy detection including residential proxies, all the while offering minimal false-positives.

With our technology, you can now expose public, high-end, anonymous, and transparent proxies, as well as hosting and data centres, VPNs, TOR exit nodes, co-location providers, and even connections shared from institutions and facilities.

Make the most of our exclusive IP Reputation database designed to detect high-risk IP addresses, proxies, and VPNs, with no false-positives in return.

Proxy Detection with Enterprise-Level Accuracy

Experience the most accurate proxy detection service used by Fortune 500s and the largest brand names - without paying enterprise prices.

LeadCloak's engineering team has developed proprietary techniques to easily identify and expose even the most covert of connections - from botnets and residential proxies to private VPNs and data center proxies.

Our tools leave no room for false-positives, as our refined machine learning modules and algorithms automatically adjust audience scoring.

LeadCloak's flexible settings let you adjust and customize your detection levels and the scoring process. Once set, you can get accurate IP reputation checks, using global coverage rates.

Why Block Proxies?

Proxies enable a user to shield their real IP address and obtain a faked digital identity.

For instance, a Chinese user can control thousands of IP addresses in the USA, and perform fraudulent actions like creating fake accounts, submitting SPAM as comments, posts or else, and enforcing fraudulent transactions.

These tasks might seem entirely natural and human-like, which makes detecting and filtering imposters from legitimate users a struggle.

By using LeadCloak to block proxies, you prevent a fraudster from engaging in malicious activities or enforcing abusive behavior. Our technology helps boost your user and transaction quality through filtering proxies and similar real-time connection anonymizers.

Can LeadCloak Proxy Detection Block Residential Proxies?

LeadCloak's proxy detection service can detect and expose residential proxies fully. Moreover, it detects sneaky and connections indistinguishable from a legitimate user. To the naked eye, detecting a residential proxy will be impossible.

Fortunately, LeadCloak offers a range of simple tools to help detect these risky interactions with utmost accuracy.

Residential proxies are the go-to tool for many fraudsters when duplicating account fraud, scraping content or data, or enforcing payment fraud and similar mischievous activities.

Quick Integration for Blocking Proxies

LeadCloak enables an easy-to-use API to determine whether an IP address is a proxy, a VPN connection, or has been involved in recent network and site abuse.

Additional factors, like the browser, user language, and others can also be assessed and analyzed to further boost detection rates.

Using our flexible APIs will grant you access to over 20 data points.

Additional factors, like the browser, user language, and others can also be assessed and analyzed to further boost detection rates.

These Proxy Detection Highlights enable you to:

  • Automatically Filter Proxies & VPNs
  • Detect All Types of Anonymized Connections
  • Implement Geo-Restrictions & Prevent Connection Spoofing
  • Immediately Improve User and Transaction Quality
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Fraudsters & Cybercriminals
  • Prevent Abusive Activities & Malicious Behavior
  • Stop Duplicate Accounts & Free Trial Abuse
  • Expose Residential Proxies & Stealthy Connections
  • Provide Real-Time Updates from Our Network
  • Allow Easy API Integration Based on Examples

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