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Use Case 2: Device Detection

From screen size differences to oscillating CPU performance and browser compatibility - many reasons can interfere with your optimal customer experience, development time, and overall costs.

Although a massive problem, there's one clear solution for it all: device detection.

LeadCloak's device detection technology identifies the device types that access your website. Online visitors can access site content by using a wide range of devices and browsers. Thirty years ago, when the web first went live, all users could access any page while using any browser. At the time, however, no one had expected users would be using various browsers and devices to access content--from tablets and smartphones to smart TVs, smartwatches and laptops.

Visiting a site from your phone offers the same experience and information as visiting it through a PC. Although online content fulfills the user's expectations, nowadays, it comes with a price.

To enable desirable content to all web users, engineers put in a lot of effort in adjusting this content to all devices and browsers. LeadCloak's device detection tool does exactly that. The secret to crafting quality content is dependent on knowing which devices or browsers your visitors use, also known as web optimization. The process also includes servicing targeted ads in proper formats, or Ad Tech use-cases, as well as determining which services are ideal to launch depending on the provided 'device demographics'.

What is Device Detection?

Device detection represents a tech tool that specifies the devices visitors use to access a website, app, or mobile network. The process uses detailed data divided into hundreds of categories, including the device model, its processing power, the browser type, the user's screen resolution, as well as the retail price, among others.

Websites and apps using LeadCloak's device detection method can make suitable real-time decisions, especially on the type of content sent to a certain device.

By obtaining greater control over your device-targeted content, clients can improve the overall experience for users and optimize their business in turn.

Our Device Detection technology enables you to use contemporary techniques like a server-side unit, image optimization, regression testing, and content adaptation, thus reducing both your marketing hours and development spending.

Why Use Device Detection?

From PCs and laptops to smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs, consumers are device-oriented when interacting with your brand.

No matter the device, your users expect a seamless, rapid, and customized experience - all the time and on every device.

Given the mobile-crazed and media-oriented population, even the most sophisticated and responsive sites and apps can come across a variety of issues. Such include distorted screen sizes that improperly display your site menu or hardware loading issues followed by a 10-second visual ad.

When such obstacles occur- and they do occur frequently - your visitors might feel frustrated with your brand, which causes you to lose both existing and potential customers.

Although unfortunate, this issue, too, proposes a solution. With our device detection tool, you can surpass this dysfunctional and unified approach, and move on to more suitable digital solutions to keep you up with the latest marketing trends.

Before Device Detection

Providing delayed, incompetent, and generic web experiences for your users is a nemesis to your e-commerce site's prosperity.

After Device Detection

Delivering accelerated, optimized, and tailored web experiences, however, results in more fruitful and productive interactions with your site users and visitors.

How Does LeadCloak's Device Detection API work?

1. Request

Your website, or content management system, receives a user's web page request.

2. Detect

LeadCloak's API matches this request - User-Agents, other HTTP headers, and optional JavaScript - to a device database.

3. Respond

Your website provides a page properly optimized for the user's screen and device.

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