LeadCloak Use Cases

Use Case 1: IP Geolocation

IP Geolocation API enables marketers and web developers to evaluate their target user progress using a location-based intelligence system. With it, they can precisely pinpoint the geographical location of users, thus boosting their overall experience.

LeadCloak provides an API that uncovers users' country etc. by using their IP address. Thanks to this information, LeadCloak allows its clients to analyze their user database, and enhance their overall decision-making process and experience.

How Does IP-based Geolocation Work?

Once connected to the Internet, you acquire a personalized identifier for your network, also known as an IP address. Typically, ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, manage a certain span of IPs and are in charge of designating IP addresses to connected users.

The way IP-based geolocation works is by evaluating IP addresses used in different areas through an IP-to-location database. In other words, you can acquire information on a user's country or city location by revealing their IP address. IP-based geolocation is not 100 percent efficient, mostly because it relies on addresses that shuffle among a few different users in one area. However, this is what makes the IP location useful as well.

While the process won't provide you with a user's house number, you can still access plenty of other information even without intending to. As soon as someone accesses your website, you will be able to learn their IP address and country location with an accuracy of 99 percent.

LeadCloak's IP-based geolocation is among the most popular tools for tracking user locations due to its precise intention and the support of additional use case techniques.

While no geolocation module is 100% precise, LeadCloak uses additional databases to optimize the results, including VPNs, Proxies, and additional IP address metadata. Even more, LeadCloak offers a collective of similar identification tools also used for various other purposes.


Localization is a standard method in expanding online stores based on localized currency, language, and pricing. All e-commerce experiences are personalized to visitors by the use of precisely determined geolocation data. Our IP data is both reliable and precise and allows users to correct languages, convert currencies, and generate understandable prices.

Shipping and Taxes

Adjusting shipping, tax and remaining policies enables e-commerce sites to optimize their revenue and avoid customer reprimands altogether. Additionally, IP-based geolocation data facilitates and adjusts various processes like product offering, tax policies, and shipping to an array of regions worldwide.

Use LeadCloak's accurate geolocation API to present your customers with precise and relevant content.

Customized Content

Customized web content is crucial when it comes to bringing the best product offers and special discounts to buyers, and optimizing conversions.

LeadCloak's API will enable you to acquire precise geolocation data, thus allowing you to better target customers and present them with the content or offers they require, from promotions to location-based holiday discounts.

Prevent Fraud

Our IP data enables you to avoid fraudulent transactions on your e-commerce site. This method ensures secure transactions and privacy protection for your buyers which then fortifies their loyalty and trustworthiness. With our module, you can now locate suspicious visitors or behavior and take action against it.

Faster Sites

E-commerce sites have an estimated 0.05 seconds to further engage their visitors.

This makes reducing your site load time a priority. Luckily, LeadCloak's ASN and ISP type data can accelerate the loading of your site and save you the negative effects like losing visitors and lacking performance. This tool enables you to identify visitors using slower service providers and make suited adjustments to your website.

Our API is built to improve personalized e-commerce experiences and simplify the conversion process for users.

Customers' Experiences, Customized

Expand your overall site customer experience and get access to relevant insights to help you create your offers, products, marketing tactics, and more, all by using LeadCloak's Geolocation tool.

Additionally, our module will help you:

  • Deliver location-based offers
  • Personalize content based on your site users
  • Send optimized and targeted emails, based on location
  • Monitor the use of your product by different site users
  • Promote and attend local events
  • Deliver text and push notifications for potential customers near an existing store
  • Showcase testimonials based on your site visitors
  • Detect misbehavior or anomalies, to prevent fraud
  • Allow customers a more personalized experience
  • Acquire valuable intel on shaping a better product, marketing tactic, etc.

Detect Anomalies to Prevent Fraud

Allow customers a more customized experience and adopt relevant insights to easily shape your product, marketing tactics and:

  • Foresee chargebacks
  • Identify malicious visitors
  • Detect unusual web activity
  • Limit multiple login attempts
  • Block automated site visits from various hosting providers
  • Remain compliant regardless of the location of your users
  • Intelligently adjust to rules and regulations serving your global user base.

Remain Compliant Regardless of User Location

  • Gate relevant content, based on location
  • Gate location-based sales
  • Automate notifications on tax or fees
  • Block certain location-based users based and filter rules

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