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Use Case 3: Protect Your Landing Pages from Spy Tools

Why should advertisers protect their landing pages from spy tools?

A landing page is among the most crucial factors in measuring the performance and success of your ad campaigns. Because of that, it is of essence that a landing page is appealing and engaging enough to attract your desired audience and in the shortest time frame possible. Landing page creation is a lengthy and detailed process that requires a more dynamic and innovative approach.

You might have spent a long time optimizing and sophisticating your landing page, whilst relying on your experience, and conducting a series of A/B tests.

Once your page is done, you can start harvesting the fruits of your labor. In the first two weeks, your page will provide you with instant results. However, right after this peak, the results might diminish, especially in terms of your site's engagement and conversions.

Upon researching possible issues, you might come to realize that, now, dozens of landing pages similar to yours also exist, and your page has been stolen.

So, was all of your hard work a waste of time and resources?

Not quite.

Spy tools allow the evaluation of highly-converting landing pages from competitors, and then reuse them as part of your campaigns. Keeping track of your competitors is crucial, but then, no one fancies sharing their creative visions with personas non grata.

That is why protecting your landing page against spy tools is of crucial importance.

Affiliate marketing might sound like a get-rich-fast scheme to an outsider, but it is further away from the truth. In fact, affiliate marketers clock in a lot of hard work that includes but is not limited to designing the best layouts and content, resulting in more conversions. In case you decide to skip this step of protecting your landing page, you're exposing yourself to having it stolen.

Given the market on the rise, competition is fiercer than ever. When a niche is overused or saturated, the market is working just fine. That also means more success for your site. A top-notch campaign has to be unique, witty, and persuasive. Even so, not everyone is good at pulling a successful one-off. In other words, the more successful the landing page, the more prone it is to theft.

Is your page acquiring both views and clicks? Then, it will probably be detected and content-scraped for illicit purposes. For this reason, you have to ensure your landing pages are safe and theft-immune as can be.

With LeadCloak's smart technology, you can always ensure your landing page is not stolen by a peer or a competitor. Our module will also keep your landing pages safe from ad spy tools.

What are Ad Spy Tools?

Ad spy tools represent intelligence systems that provide insights into your competitors' ad strategy. At the same time, they present you with valuable information in creating your ads, all in the name of more a profitable campaign.

To make it in business, you'd have to overspend on competitive research and data analysis. While many companies do this, the service prices skyrocket by the minute.

How can you encourage your ad campaign to be a winner?

Easy, by reverse-engineering the tools that work the best.

You can put your feet ahead of your competitors and leverage data with the use of Ad Spy Tools, resulting in super-engaging and converting campaign ads. For eager fraudsters, these tools tick all the right boxes and lead the way to what works for their business and what doesn't. Moreover, these intelligent tools help generate broader traffic to your site, at a low CPC, or cost per click.

Nothing is easier than copying a competitor's business strategy, A to Z.

These tools display your competitors' every move and present the ways they are using business ads and implement ad strategies. Using these, you can have a glance at competitor ad assets as a whole. This includes everything from ad copies, angles, products, and creatives to a responsive audiences list, targeting options, and precise landing pages.

Ad Spy Tools place you ahead of your competitors and grant you're an overview of their A-game business strategies.

This way, you can have the full picture of your competitors' campaign efforts.

For instance, you'll know the exact deals they promote to attract their target audience. Moreover, you will also know the type of content they believe engages their audiences the most. Additionally, you will have an insight into their Call-to-Action model as well as the campaign link-building techniques they are actively using. Due to these insights, you will stay informed on how your utmost competitors are managing their business. You can also obtain valuable information on the changes your own ad campaign might need to become competitive and efficient.

If campaigning on Search Engines, the Ad Spy Spy Tools will help you gather list of keywords that works well for your demographics. For Social Media, Ad Spy Tools will help you precise and define your perfect Target Audience. On Native Ads, Pop ups and other traffic sources, Ad Spy Tools will help you with the precise placements/URLs that yields the highest ROIs (Return-on-Investments)

LeadCloak's module is designed to prevent any money moves your competitors could make against you, which works wonders for building your engaging campaign - generating broad traffic at a low Cost Per Click.

LeadCloak provides protection against most of these Ad Spy Tools:

  • AdBeat
  • AdMobiSpy
  • AdPlexity Adult
  • AdPlexity Desktop
  • AdPlexity Mobile
  • AdPlexity Native
  • AdPlexity Push
  • AdPlexity eCommerce
  • AdSector
  • AdSpy
  • AdVault
  • Ahrefs
  • Anstrex
  • BrandTotal
  • iSpionage
  • MagicAdz
  • MajesticSEO
  • Mobidea
  • PowerAdspy
  • SEMrush
  • SimilarWeb
  • SocialAdScout
  • SpyFU
  • SpyOver
  • SpyPush
  • WhatRunsWhere
  • and many others...

How do Spy Tools gather the ads and build their database?

For these tools to work, thousands of fake social media profiles have to be created, all done through advanced and automated and advanced tools such as Puppeteer or Selenium, both of which excel in impersonating a human's touch and click the social network's page UI to have a look inside the ads.

Programmed bots typically penetrate network's core and scrape all ads available to build a proper ad database.

Such bots acquire a huge volume of data of unique, engaging, and appealing ad campaigns from different VPN, proxy, web hosting IP ranges, and datacenter.

The process is done based on real mobile and location-accurate IP addresses. The majority of our protection methods block such crawlers and prevent them from creating fake accounts and/or ad content scraping from various pages.

Spy tools provides you with a searchable database, enabling multiple filtering options, and far more than social media's built-in ads database.

LeadCloak blocks the majority of fake users and site crawlers trying to scrape the advertiser's landing pages. Moreover, LeadCloak enables advertisers to acquire a report of their suspicious visitors and site activity, which can be submitted to a designated ad network for a potential refund.

As bot or non-human traffic takes up at least 40% of the overall internet traffic, most of it is carried out through PPC click fraud.

LeadCloak's smart tools help detect and eradicate perilous behavior for companies such as Native Ad networks, Social Networks and many others that are unable to productively neutralize the bot siege on their network.

Scraping ads from social networks requires the scrapers to login and create a fake account. Interestingly, social networks, despite implementing various measures to deter non-human browsers from accessing their platform using automated systems, bot traffic is still rampant on theirs' and other social media platforms, for scraping ads. These bots use a residential proxy network, VPN, proxy, web hosting and data center IP addresses to login to scrape the ads. The same principles apply for scraping ads from search engine search result pages, native ad platforms and many other sources.

In 2020, click fraud wasted at least 20 percent of the budget of PPC advertisers.

Both bots and competitors can click on your ads and waste your advertising spending. In fact, the simplest way for fraudulent competitors to waste your budget is to click on your ads.

LeadCloak, however, enables you a reporting dashboard featuring all robust and fraudulent clicks. This way, as an advertiser, you can see details of every entry on your site and manage the progress of your campaigns more efficiently.

LeadCloak provides advertisers with information like browser and device type, time, ISP, location, keywords, etc.

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