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Pricing that scales with your business. Honest prices, no surprises.

Pay for the number of active campaigns. Or, pay-as-you-go. No per-user fees. Please choose a plan to activate your account.

Monthly Plans

  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Access to all networks
  • Multi-user support


/ month

Up to 5 active campaigns at once


/ month

Up to 10 active campaigns at once


/ month

Up to 20 active campaigns at once


/ month

Up to 40 active campaigns at once

Pay-As-You-Go Plans

  • Unlimited campaigns creation
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Access to all networks
  • Multi-user support


/ 24.5K clicks

Up to 24,500 clicks

$0.004 per click

No Live Chat Support



/ 150K clicks

Up to 150,000 clicks

$0.002 per click

Live Chat Support


/ 600K clicks

Up to 600,000 clicks

$0.001 per click

Live Chat Support


/ 1,250K clicks

Up to 1,250,000 clicks

$0.0008 per click

Live Chat Support

List of Features:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Detailed Click Log
  • JavaScript CDN integration
  • PHP integration
  • WordPress plugin
  • API access
  • City level GEO Filter
  • Fast IPv4/IPv6 Filter
  • Weighted URL rotation for split testing
  • Tracker integration
  • URL query parameter filtering
  • CSV exports
  • Real-time stats with hourly granularity
  • IP type filter - corporate, datacenter, residential etc.
  • HTTP referrer filter and logs
  • Device filter
  • OS filter
  • Browser filter
  • ISP/ORG/Carrier filter
  • User-Agent filter
  • PageSentry - Protects landing page
  • VisitorCap - Landing Page Frequency Capper
  • CloakMatic - Smart Campaign Activator
  • Custom Filters
  • WebRTC-based IP Leak Detection
  • IPv6 support
  • Chat support
  • - A billable "click" is every load of any webpage that contains our code, as this is the point at which visitors are tested.
  • - For Pay-As-You-Go Plans, unused clicks never expire.
  • - You may cancel your subscription at any time. Any unused clicks will remain available for use.
  • - Please contact us if you require unlimited campaigns and unlimited traffic.

Common questions

Do we pay extra for more people?

No. Unlike most group software, we don't charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same.

Can we run as many campaigns as we like?

Yes. We'll never charge you extra for more campaigns in LeadCloak.

If you have questions we didn't cover, we'd be happy to answer them.

Are Pay-as-you-go plans auto-billed every month?

Yes, Our pay-as-you-go plans are automatically renewed every month because over 85% of our users have consistent traffic, and hence to avoid headaches from manual renewals, we automatically bill them monthly. Obviously, we wouldn't bill without your consent, and you are notified when you originally sign up on LeadCloak. The renewal dates are specified as well.

Monthly subscriptions help us with ongoing costs, database upgrades, providing support to our clients, and innovation of new features just as a cloaker would innovate to keep up with new industry changes.

Having said that, you can also opt-out from monthly subscriptions by going to Billing > Cancel Account, and follow prompts. Your PAYG account will remain in active standing until your clicks run out.

If you wish to reactivate your plan, just choose 'Reactivate' and you're all set!

If I opt-out of PAYG monthly subscriptions, do I still get support?

The quick answer is, No. As long as you have an active subscription, chat support will be offered, not otherwise.

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